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Art Basel 2017 – First Day

Beatrice Lessi

The Biggest Contemporary Art Fair In the World

Art Basel is big, impressive and really good business. Rumour is that 80% of the deals are made during the first day (not open to the public yet – by invitation only), so I am always thrilled when I receive an invitation for it. The atmosphere is bubbly, people are either dressed up or very serious (one can tell immediately who’s interested in buying and who in seeing and being seen, like me!) and the art can definitely keep up with the (very high) expectations. Once more, this year, I wasn’t disappointed. Between CEOs spotting and handbags envy, I managed to watch some really interesting pieces I would love to own.

Say It With Photos

Here a selection of the art works that captured my attention most – enjoy and get a ticket, if you can! The fair is open from the 15 to the 18 June 2017.

art basel 2017

Impressive indeed – Peter Regli, “Reality Hacking No.313”

art basel 2017 jaume plensa

Jaume Plensa love to use letters in his sculptures. The crouching position is a symbol of intimacy. Seen at Ruinart.

art basel 2017

Jaume Plensa explaining his art at the press conference

art basel 2017

Alfonso Artiaco

art basel 2017 peter freeman

When the fashion matches the art!

art basel 2017

Installation view of Anthony Meier Fine Arts’s booth. Photo: Benjamin Westoby for Artsy

art basel 2017

Adorjan Attila – DJ Antoine’s collection

art basel 2017

Tommy’s World

art basel 2017

Make-up art

art basel 2017

Always in love with strong colors

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