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Aspire Lounge – Invitation To The Voyage

Beatrice Lessi

The Perfect Start

Having access to Aspire Lounge before a trip is a real pleasure – we tried it and were quite impressed, and you can try it too. Do you also need wi-fi until the last minute before your flight? And would you also like to have gourmet food, snacks and drinks within easy reach, without need to order and wait? And how about flicking through a glossy magazine or hear the latest news on top of that? And maybe charge your phone or simply enjoy the relaxing, natural light while sitting on a comfortable sofa or networking?  All this is easily reacheable at three different locations in Zurich Airport, at the Aspire Lounge.

How Do You Get In?

Easily! Don’t feel intimidated – this is an exclusive place, but accessible to all travellers. You don’t need to be a frequent flyer:  for 35 CHF you can enter and enjoy. In a country as expensive as Switzerland, and considering the top quality of food and service, this is an optimal way to start your journey.

The Best Christmas Present

How about a very glamorous Christmas present for your friend or loved one? Soon you’ll be able to buy a 35 CHF voucher online and give it to anybody you wish,  so they can use the lounge for their next trip.

What You’ll Find There

A warm, sleek design will welcome you. Orchids are the symbol of the lounge, so they are everywhere. You can help yourself at the bar, coffee area for all-day breakfast, or to warm meals – remember the Swiss love top quality and the food is certainly included in this perfectionism. Magazines, TV, free WI-Fi, sitting area, stools, comfortable chairs and sofas, big windows for natural light, and a lovely panoramic terrace. My favourite part? The people you’ll meet: friendly staff, frequent flyers, travellers who are simply relaxed, quietly working, or chilling.

Finally, the lounge is the perfect central location: you’ll have a maximum of 15 minutes to reach any gate.

 At Your Service

The thing we liked most on our first time in the lounge was how helpful and friendly the staff was.

I just would like to be of help to you, is there anything you need? The lady at reception told me when I went close to her holding my camera – and she meant it. We ended up chatting and laughing between clients even though she was quite busy – but between 9 and 11 am, and then between 2 and 5 pm the lounge  is normally quiet and allows you to really take time for yourself or simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Happiness Is A Way of Travel, Not A Destination

The beauty of a journey is in the whole experience before, during and after – we try to make as many moments as possible delightful. A small treat like the Aspire Lounge does make a difference to start your trip fresh and curious; we will be back here many times.

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Aspire lounge airport zurich

aspire lounge the perfect start

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aspire lounge the best start

aspire lounge the best start


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