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Be in a good mood, improve your well being – science based methods at zero cost

Beatrice Lessi

My favorite website, Hubermanlab.com,  is packed with tips. It’s about bio hacks (natural ways to boost your well being, moods, performance, mental health and much more, so you can really be the best version of yourself on most days) and science based protocols to apply to your life, that have been scientifically proven to have some effects. No guru ideas or pep talk here – only facts that have been studied, replicated, analysed in a scientifical way and therefore have some real validity.

The big surprise

What might surprise you, though, is how simple and obvious – once you think about it – most tips are.

Want to calm down when you are in big stress? Try the physiological breath – short and the effective existing technique, something we sometimes do intuitively.

Another tip to calm down? Use panoramic vision.

Want to be in a good mood, feel energised, sleep better? Use light 

And guess what has been just discovered to be also very useful, independently of sleep and light? Dark. 

And so on.

And now the most popular word of 2023, together with AI

…that’s longevity.

If you want to know more about it, still in a science-based matter, check out Peter Attia, who by the way is a friend of Andrew Huberman and often does some work together.

All this can be looked at in bite size: on Instagram, on podcasts, on a short PDF, on an article. One doesn’t need to read a big book, but can find little ideas and actions to apply to everyday life and keep motivated to behave in a positive way for him or herself.

I hope you enjoy these two websites (or their social media or podcasts) as much as me!



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