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Best City Views in the World: Four Seasons in Hong Kong

Beatrice Lessi

Breathtaking Views

Who doesn’t love breathtaking views? The moment you enter a hotel room and discover it has an amazing vista is always very special. I don’t know about you, but I normally have a first moment of stupor and then…take my phone out! Discovering excellence is one of the best parts of a blogger’s job, and I also love to make charts about the best places I have seen and sharing pictures of it. When I arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong I had high expectations, but I must say the place fully delivered what promised.

Communication With a Heart

I had met the hotel’s Director of Public Relations and Communications, Amy Powell, when I interviewed her together with her husband John Wood in St.Moritz. Saying that they are a glamour couple would be absolutely correct, but don’t expect flashy people boasting about their careers or charity achievements – these two keep doing their job with constant passion and commitment and are still…totally normal. I admire them a lot so I could be biased here, but have a look at what they are doing for Room to Read (where they helped 11.5 million children) and you’ll see. Back to my Four Season experience, for sure I had the chance to fully enjoy it also because Amy and her staff spoiled me and took time to explain a bit about the Hotel background and services.

Excellent Location

Amy had organised a guide for me, Mimi, and she took me for a walk in the city. What I thought was a business hotel located in the financial district was instead a bubbly place from where one can easily see incredibly different areas. Markets, art galleries, trendy flats, old buildings with clothes hung up like in Naples, traditional tea and juice makers, street food stalls, centenary trees with huge roots, noisy and quiet areas – everything and the opposite of everything can be found at walking distance from the Four Seasons.

The Infinity Pool

But the highlight  of the hotel, for me, was the pool. If you go to the rooftop and admire the city from it, you will have a wow effect. Water overlooking water, and the classic skyline of the city really make this location special and perfect for a swim, a meal, a party or to simply relax. The last day of our stay was the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover to China, so watching the fireworks from the pool was a great experience from the best spot in the city.

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