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Best Places to Run in Zurich

Beatrice Lessi


I get asked again and again what the best locations for running in Zurich are. Locals who run all have their favourite spots, and personally I mostly run in the Uetliberg area. But here are some ideas for you to choose, in Zurich and around the city. Enjoy!

-The highest point in Zurich, Uetliberg, with its spectacular views and panoramic tower. Go to  the train station parking space and either run up and back, or take the train up and run downhill if you are looking for an easy training.

-The promenade along lake Zurich (Zürichsee) , that is great for its scenic views over the waterfront, and to observe the Alps rising behind the western shore. Numerous landmarks like the Chinese Garden, the Observation Deck in Tiefenbrunnen, the Opera House and several marinas will make this route quite lively.

-The Dolder Forest Paths, in the idyllic natural surroundings of the Adlisberg. Far from everyday life, this area also offers breathtaking views over the city, the lake and the Alps – and you can have a well deserved snack at the legendary Dolder after your training.

-The Green Marathon Zurich, a clearly signed running trail that extends for a total of 42 km ( a full marathon) through the center of Zurich and the city’s most beautiful areas. It can be tackled in individual sections and will allow you to run and do some sightseeing at the same time.

Runner Tip:

Don’t worry if you have no cash with you, or if you forgot something. Every shop and café in Zurich accepts cards and telephone payments even for a small amount and, most importantly, respects the running (and biking) community so much, that if you’ll need to drink or have a sugar fix, you will always find someone helping you: Zurich life quality is also this!


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