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Boxing for Everest

Beatrice Lessi

Out of My training Routine

April is my last month of training for Everest Marathon, that I will join in May. Since I’m not a professional and have a normal life with family and blog, my preparation is mainly about running – I don’t have time for much more. But that’s a bit boring. So I am always delighted if I can join a working event which is active and sporty, and also different from my usual routine. This time the opportunity was offered by Odlo.

My Kind of Cool

Odlo organised a boxing session with bloggers and journalists, to launch its Summer Collection of Active Cooling Technology. I hadn’t had so much fun in training for years! I always thought boxing was nothing for me because I’m so against violence. But of course, training with boxing gloves is very different from a boxing match.  A great workout for both cardio and strength, it’s also the perfect way to get a good mood.

The staff at Jay Personal Training in Zurich makes sure the warm up and cool down sessions are tailor made for you and  good fun as well. I left the studio really refreshed. Thank you Stefanie Chareonbood for the pictures and Pr Fact for organising.

odlocooltime mykindofcool

Warming up at jay Personal Training

odlocooltime mykindofcool

Photo by Stephan Gubler

odlocooltime mykindofcool

“Fighting” with Stefan Gubler

odlocooltime mykindofcool

Not boxing only

odlocooltime mykindofcool

Tired and sweaty – but still checking the outfits!

odlocooltime mykindofcool

The group

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