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Catwalk with Philips Beauty

Beatrice Lessi

Can You Walk Like A Model?

I had always wished to have a catwalk coach one day – being a blogger who was never a model, people sometimes assume I can pose and walk like a professional, which I can’t. Geri, on the other hand, has practised these skills more than me for sure, and seems totally at ease when the camera is on or she needs to present some clothes. So when Philips invited us for an afternoon of beauty, fashion, styling and catwalk tips, we were delighted.

The Philips Challenge

Since the woman of today has different roles, skills, looks and even moods, Philips invited us together with other girls to experiment with different products and looks, and have a little challenge at the end. Luckily we were helped by stylist and fashion icon Luisa Rossi, who ended up giving me 80% of her time, because I wouldn’t let her go: she is so good and has such an eye for clothes and people! And she speaks Italian….So I had a bit of a crush on her, laughed a lot and learnt about what became my favourite Philips product: the laser hair removal device Lumea. – I even made a catwalk with it.

Geri Got A Medal

After performing our little show, the jury had a hard time in choosing a winner: we were all in a good mood and very motivated, and each of us played a different role and interpreted the look in a personalised way. But finally the top three girls were selected, and Geri became second. I went home and my family complimented me for my shiny curls, and I must say I loved them too. My next little project? Learning to use the Philips iron for curling my hair again. Below, a selection of pictures of the day – I hope they’ll give an idea of the lovely afternoon we spent.

philips beauty catwalk

philips beauty catwalkphilips beauty catwalkphilips beauty catwalkphilips beauty catwalk

philips beauty catwalk

philips beauty catwalkphilips beauty catwalkphilips beauty catwalk