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Fiat 500 Abarth electric – Scorpionissima!

Beatrice Lessi

Cafe Racer

Do you remember the good old times? No, we don’t mean the Fiat 500 Topolino, which was born in 1936. Just 3 years back, Stephan and I did our first joint car test with the first electric Fiat 500. Now its time for the next chapter. We want better, faster, and sexier!


He says: Yes the Fiat New 500 Cabrio La Prima was fun. But as soon as I saw the first pictures of the Abarth 500e Scorpionissima, I was in awe. That sexy little pocket rocket jumped at my eyes. How could it not in its sexy acid green Outfit. I am wondering what outfit Beatrice will choose to match the car!

She says:

First things first: I titled this blogpost “Fiat 500 Abarth electric” because that’s how someone like me needs to describe it. I need the name “Abarth” to understand this is the super duper latest and sexiest 500, and I need the full name “electric” (not just an “e”) to really imagine how the drive is. Now let me wear a classic LBD (ok… now it’s me using acronyms…it’s a Little Black Dress) and let’s go!

Walk around/ Exterior

He says: I still think the 500 is the best looking small electric car. Actually it was, because now we have the 500 on steroids! Or better a 500 stung by a bunch of scorpions. The Austrian Motorcycle- and Car-Racer Karl Abarth started “pimping” Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Simca cars in the 1950s. He turned the little streetcars into race cars. The company logo: a scorpion. Why? Because Abarth was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio.

Back to the new Scorpionissima. It already stings with its paintjob which is called acid-green. Everything looks beefier and sportier compared to the regular electric 500. I LOVE the wheels! To me, wheels of a car are what shoes are for a woman. These 18 inch alloy wheels in titanium grey look fantastic!

She says: I saw the eyes first, and then the shoes. I agree with you, these parts are comparable to a person. Well, I am a 500 groupie, so for me, here, there’s more than just an engine. I drive an Abarth myself and therefore also love the Scorpion. It makes me feel badass, and driving a Scorpionissima definitely has the same effect. And more.


He says:

Signor Abarth would be proud of the interior designers work. I see lots of Alcantara. On the seats, dashboard and my personal highlight; the steering wheel. Yes, it doesn’t just look but feel like in a proper race car. If I could ask for something more it would be to replace some of the hard plastic with carbon fibre parts. The Premium Sound system by JBL is really premium and sounds awesome. No wonder because there are 2 tweeters, 2 midwoofers, 2 rear door full range speakers and a subwoofer in the trunk. The 320 watt amplifier delivers almost more power than the cars 155 electric horses.

She says: Too complicated an explanation. Just switch your music on, park it in front of a coffee shop, have your cappuccino, and go again. You’ll see half of the people smiling. Many will even come to you and ask you questions about the car. Some will think: “oh God, so loud…typical Italian!”

But that’s to me the best kind of luxury: top quality that doesn’t make people afraid of you or in awe. On the contrary it looks fun, friendly and approachable. It makes people talk and discuss together.


He says: Let’s find out if the Abarth 500e still has the racing-genes or if the scorpions have become too tame. I start the car and hear….nothing! Ah right, it’s electric. BUT, there is a quick fix to that lack of sound. In the depths of the not really user friendly dashboard menu, there is an option for electrical sound. Once chosen, the Abarth comes to live with a roar that lets people be stunned. In- and outside of the car. There is a huge loudspeaker hidden underneath the car which simulates the sound of an exhaust pipe of a combustion engine. Cool or not? I let Beatrice judge…

How does the car drive? I would say: fantastic! It is amazing how it takes off from a standing start. And accelerating out of turns just makes me smile each time I put the pedal to the metal. The car has so much torque that the front wheels keep constantly looking for traction. I have driven race go-karts for over ten years and I can truly say that this little acid-green scorpion handles like a kart. Off course you could feel the weight of the batteries but the Abarth weighs a ton less than a Porsche Taycan. There are three driving modes:

  • The Turismo mode allows for smoother acceleration and lower power for an efficient driving experience.
  • The Scorpion Street mode offers top performance while maximizing the regenerative braking.
  • On both Turismo or Scorpion Street Mode the one-pedal driving feature is offered. The car decelerates every time you lift your foot, making it possible to brake without even touching the brake pedal, and recovers kinetic energy which then gets converted into electricity to recharge the battery.
  • Finally, the Scorpion Track mode is designed for those who are looking for top performance without the One Pedal Driving function.

She says: I am not sure I would get this colour…it is too energetic for me, and I have energy for two already. Probably I would need to think very hard about it.

The sound? No doubt here:  it’s the best! So bold and flashy! And…you can turn it off when you wish – getting the best of both worlds. I give it a 10 out of 10.

I can’t rally judge the drive and you explained it very well. I admit I don’t need all those modes and never use an engine the way it should be used. I am loud, but slow, and only use the car for short trips. That’s why I am totally suitable to the Scorpionissima, but I guess I would underuse it.


He says: Yes, the Abarth 500e still is a small car with little space for luggage. It offers plenty of space for shopping and I am sure, Beatrices dog Simba would find a cozy spot in the backseat. One thing that could, should a will be improved is the range of the batteries. 265 kilometres are possible. Theoretically. Practically, if I want to drive to Solothurn from Zürich, I have to recharge to make it back. And doing so, I find out that electricity on some charging-stations costs as much as gasoline. But that is really the only flaw I found on this really cool car.

She says: This car is NOT small, I tell you from experience (with my Fiat 500 Abarth and I went to Tuscany with it). Simba loves it. Everybody loves it. The problem is that everybody loves it, so much, that you soon you will have people asking it to borrow it (and all other cars will remain in the garage9. Once more: this car if friendly, approachable, usable.

About the recharge issue: well, it is your problem. I normally go for short trips only, and when I occasionally really far, I like to plan the trip accordingly, having lunch or spending the night somewhere in between.


He says: OK, this really good looking Italian doesn’t come cheap, but you get a lot more than a basic city car. It is so luxurious, so quiet and handles so well that it fully qualifies to do weekend trips to Ticino or wherever. I can’t wait for the battery-technology to develop further so that one charge allows for a longer range. Then again, Beatrice might appreciate a 35 minute (coffee)-stop at a fast charging station to “refuel” the batteries to 80% range.

She says: The price is the only thing I am not sure about. Do I want to pay that? But I am thinking about swapping my old Abarth with this one, so you can see I am really enthusiastic about the car. I tell you what – while I’m thinking you can pick me up and offer me coffee once more. Not to recharge it, only to enjoy la dolce vita. With a good friend and a super cool car!

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