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Chic Eyelashes at Atelier du Regard

Beatrice Lessi

The Rolls Royce of Eyelashes

One of the many things I learnt on Everest and in the Sahara desert while racing, believe it or not, was about beauty: Holly Zimmermann, my running and traveling companion,  never used any make-up, and thanks to her gorgeous hair and thick eyelashes always looked ready for the camera…even after one week without make up or shower. So I asked her tip for deep and lively eyes in any condition: she said it was thanks to her lash extensions.

The idea of thick lashes and intense eyelashes really intrigued me, so I set on a hunt for the best Lash Atelier in Zurich, and I found it: Atelier du Regard.
atelier du regard

Atelier du Regard

The elegant and cozy Atelier du Regard is in the very centre of the city, in a quiet little street one minute from Paradeplatz.

When I met Virginie, my eyelashes artist, I immediately liked her: she runs as much as me, is very calm and…she even competed in the Eyelashes Extension World Championship!

I told her I was afraid that the treatment would ruin my eyelashes, so she offered to switch the treatment to the keratine lash lift . But she also told me there was absolutely no risk to damage anything, and that the extensions look immediately gorgeous, while the keratine is more of a long term treatment.

So I decided for the extensions and went to Italy for a training camp.


Three weeks later, I must say I am extremely happy: my eyelashes are still very long, thick and curled, and also look natural. In elegant or sporty looks, I always look groomed.

Atelier du Regarde is specialised in eyebrows and eyelashes only. Among its treatments:

  • Brow shaping
  • Lash extensions and Russian Volume 3D
  • Lash lift/Keratin Lash Lift
  • Lash and Brow Tint
  • Semi-permanent mascare

You can find it in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.

atelier du regard atelier du regard atelier du regardatelier du regard

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