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Do You Know Who Made Your Bag? The New Flo Collection for Avanzar

Beatrice Lessi

Who Actually Made It And How?

Who made your bag, could you tell the name, face and story of this person? If you buy a bag from Atelier Avanzar, you’ll find a little card inside, with the picture and a short biography of the woman who made it. She will also thank you for contributing to her education and supporting her family – so the beautiful design, high quality and sustainability of the project make every Avanzar bag  a perfect Christmas present.

The Founder

Margerita Heredia Forster founded the Atelier 18 years ago and knows the women working for the foundation one by one – she even Skypes them almost every day. She is friendly, warm and loves communicating, but when it comes to showing herself, all of a sudden she becomes shy. I had wanted her to model for me for a while, and finally managed to convince her when I proposed her to team up with her friend and designer Florence Bachofen-Székely, who designed the latest bag collection.

Flo and Avanzar

The Flo collection features bags you can use to work, during the day, or in the evening. For your laptop or for your makeup, these hand-made, small works of art come in different sizes and price range. Flo has a long experience in designing, and clearly had fun in using her skills for a friend and for a great cause. I am going to give myself a this present for the festive season and have photographed the bags I liked most. Merry Christmas with Avanzar!

atelier avanzar flo

Flo modeling for her own line

atelier avanzar flo

Friends in business and in life – Margarita and Flo

atelier avanzar flo

Margarita Heredia Forster

atelier avanzar flo

Selecting materials and discussing new projects

atelier avanzar flo

Perfect for the day

And perfect for the evening

A timeless clutch


atelier avanzar flo

The laptop bag

Can I have one too please?

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