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Beatrice Lessi

Formal clothing – what a bore. Is it possible to avoid the office routine suits, dress like a fashion editor and have fun, while keeping the dress code appropriate, and without breaking the bank?
It sure is.

The Emmanuelle Alt style

Let’s start by suggesting the style of fashion editor Emanuelle Alt. She is the queen of understated and professional style, yet she never looks boring. She tends to wear dark blazers or white shirts, but thanks to the use of belts (either over blazers and jackets or the classic way, but with preference for gold metal and black) and faux leather (often one piece is not in normal, predictable fabric) her choices are never predictable.


Emmanuelle Alt loves faux leather, perfectly proportioned trousers, blazers and classic shapes. Photo: stockholmstreetstyle.com


At the Milan Fashion Week. Photo: stockholmstreetstyle.com

office style

Typical Alt: the belted jackets. Photo: vanessataaffe.wordpress.com

Creative Shoes

Laced up, coloured, bold, funky: shoes are a great way to lift up a look.
Go for coloured suede (it also has the advantage of always looking expensive, no matter what the real price is) to add interest to your outfit.Try funky shoes like Chiara Ferragni’s.Try one shoe different from the other!



Aquazzurra laced-up shoes immediately brighten up any outfit – they come in every colour. Photo: talkshoes.com


Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad’s creative shoe line. Photo: womenonit.com


Amal Alamuddin needs to be dressed formal – she becomes creative with accessories like different shoes. Photo: flynet.uk.com

Mix two subtle prints

If you want to avoid the monochromatic look and go for the latest trend, try to mix two different patterns. Find something which isn’t too extreme, like stripes and dots, flowers and pied-de-poule, checks and stripes. Keep the size of the prints to a reasonably small size; excesses are good for fashion shows and fashionistas only.


Different prints in matching colours for Olivia Palermo. Photo: popsugar.com


Add a flower scarf where you would have never thought of , like Miroslava Duma. Photo: whowhatwear.com

Try Long cardigans

Hefty or breezily light, cardigans can be a good alternative to blazers and formal shirts.


Long striped cardigan. Photo: pinterest.com


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in an oversized cachemire cardigan. Photo: thefashiontag.wordpress.com

Oversized vests or sleeveless jackets

Again a trending item. The slightly shapeless fit looks great with very feminine accessories and immaculate grooming.


Olivia Palermo long, fringed gilet. Photo: whowhatwear.com


Victoria Becjham long vest. Photo: zimbio.com


Kristina Bazan mixes taupe and black. She makes the top more interesting by adding a vest. Photo: kayture.com

One statement piece

If you choose to wear a bold print or a heavily embroidered or decorated piece, keep the rest classic. Animal prints, fake fur, funny bags, bold patterns, art-inspired pieces have been seen everywhere this season and are very refreshing. They are allowed at work too (one at a time), provided you combine them with classical items such as white shirts, black pumps, pinced trousers, etc.


If you wear a flowery piece in a bright colour keep the rest classic. Photo: thefashiontag.wordpress.com


Art inspired pencil skirt with plain black top. Photo: fashiontag.wordpress.com


Miroslava Duma wears a statement dress and keeps the rest minimal (hair in a ponytail, not too much make-up, no jewellery or bag). Photo: whowhatwear.com

Try the edgy look

This is mostly appropriate for those who work in creative jobs, but an edgy piece can be added to almost every conservative outfit. Try a cape, some leather, a biker jacket, statement jewellery, dark nails – one at a time.


Fashion editor Christina Centenara showing a classic business outfit with edgy ankle boots. Photo: es.paperblog.com


Italian look with an edgy touch: black pencil skirt and white top mixed with biker jacket and studded shoes.


Not only Karlie goes for leather, but in green too! Quite a statement, but still appropriate for formal environment. Photo: whowhatwear.com

Images by Jesse Maricic and Micah Gianneli | info@rawwcreative.com | www.rawwblog.com

White blazer and edgy jewellery and hair. Image by Jesse Maricic and Micah Gianneli

Mrs Moneypenny : Pencil skirts and belts

High waisted, slightly stretched, in classical or bright colours, with a zip behind…a pencil skirt looks “office” and is extremely feminine at the same time. A no brainer.


Miranda Kerr perfect “glamorous office” look. Photo: pinterest.com


Endless variations of the pencil skirt look: dare some colour too. Photo: pinterest.com

Pleated Skirts

They come in every price, fabric and length. Combine a silky, chiffon-like skirt with a warmer item or leather if you want to go the extra mile.


Chocolate pleated skirt. Photo: pinterest.com


White and navy blue: another classic combination for the office. Photo: pinterest.com


A pink pleated skirt makes an office look lively. Photo: pinterest.com


Try a combination of white or beige and camel, or pair camel with total black. A camel coat or skirt or accessory looks a million dollar and makes you instantly feel like you mean business, but takes away the predictability of an all black look.


Black and camel office wear. Photo: whowhatwear.com


White and camel look chic and expensive. Photo: whowhatwear.com


Brighten up black with camel or tan. Sneakers are an option too and are often tolerated also in banks or formal environments. Photo: whowhatwear.com

  1. I like most of the stuff, and I would wear it at the office. What I can’t used to are the shoes that lace up or look like Roman Sandals with heels, or just like they hurt. But the slacks, jackets and dresses are all really cute.

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