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Win our handpicked choice of Pandora

Beatrice Lessi

Have you noticed that Dostinja loves to accessorise her lookbooks with beautiful jewellery? When working together at a shooting we always select items we love and feel good with. That means that was is being photographed is something we wear in real life, and shows our taste and personality.


Pandora jewellery, in particular, reflects our taste and philosophy. It can be worn everyday, but also on a special occasion. You can buy just one basic bracelet with one or two pendants and then add up more, without spending a fortune. For that it’s the ideal – and best selling – gift: just buy one and see how your loved one will react!


You can win a Pandora bracelet by simply leaving us your email. Email n.1000, 2000, 3000 etc will be rewarded with a silver Pandora gift.

Do try, the link for the competition is here.

Now sit sit down, lay back and look at some of the endless variations of Pandora jewellery.




Try a necklace






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