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Best Coffee in Zurich

Luca, Milano

Where can one have a good coffee in Zurich?

Beatrice Lessi

If you mean the best coffee to drink (and not the best café/best atmosphere or décor in Zurich) I have the answer: La Stanza. in Bleicherweg If you, instead, are referring to the whole experience of having a good coffee, there are many more places I can name, even though I don’t know all of them. Two classic places I love are Sprüngli, in Paradeplatz, and Motta, in Limmatquai 66.

Before answering I googled this questions and saw a lot of local articles with great pictures. But many times, in a typical Zurich way, the coffee itself looked terrible. Swiss people often love a certain place and location, and aren’t really interested in the quality of its coffee, or aren’t that fussy about it. But to me, being Italian, is it very important, and I cringe just looking.

How to spot a bad coffee? Bubbles/holes/air on a cappuccino foam, or a flat , watery espresso surface without the creamy, hazelnut brown layer one sees on a good coffee.

Also, since a good coffee can be made only by a continuously used coffee machine, I tend to stay away from hotel coffee. It might sound obvious, but  a packed, busy place is often a place with a good coffee. On that note, there is another Zurich classic to try: Vicafe in Bellevue. I have never seen so many people queueing up for an espresso!

Happy coffee!

La Stanza, in Bleicherweg, Zurich

best coffee zurich

good cappuccino foam is creamy and has no “holes” or air

best coffee in zurich

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