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Dress More Curvy

Tatjana, Basel

I am rather skinny and would love to look more feminine. Baggy items don't work, tight ones are better but sometimes unflattering. What are your tips to look more curvy?

Beatrice Lessi

Being petite and thin on top of that, I also love to look a bit more plump and feminine. The main tips I can give you are the following:

  • Always try outfits on (don’t buy online, unless you already tried it on)
  • Wear padded bras (don’t buy because of color or price only – check the fit on your body)
  • Use belts or fitted outfits to show off your waist
  • Prefer ribbed dresses, sweaters and skirts (they are tight but add a bit of volume)
  • Prefer bright colors (black makes you look skinnier)

In the gallery below, a selection of images from my personal Brusnika Brand collection – it’s feminine and affordable so it is one of my favorute brands.