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The Lavender Trend on Instagram

Daria, Lausanne

What color is trending this Summer, to avoid the usual black or the jeans and t-shirt uniform?

Beatrice Lessi

Lila is everywhere: on Instagram – with beautiful dresses matching lavender fields, on Vogue magazine – thanks to the stunning Jaquemus catwalk ( set on popular Valensole, in Provance), or simply on street style.

Lavender shades are more neutral and easy to combine than one might think. Either as total look or mixed (with jeans, white, neutral shades and even black),  this light shade is popular in every variation from pink to violet.

Add some lila to your feed, or maybe to your dress or your shoes. You’ll receive a lot of compliments and will look very fresh and updated.

Jacquemus catwalk in Provence – it went almost viral. Photo: eveningstandard.com

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Guerlain also used lavender fields to create visually stunning content

During this photo shooting I was asked three times where I bought my dress and shoes. Dress: Brusnika. Shoes: Romeo Rodin

Chiara Ferragni in a lila dress. Photo: styledumonde

Do it the street style way. Photo: vogue.co.uk