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Gift Ideas Wow Effect – Diamonds for Everyone

Beatrice Lessi

Perfect Gift Ideas

Do you also think hard when you are invited for dinner, and you really want to impress your host? Or when you go to hospital to visit a mum with her new born baby, and want to bring the best present?

I found the solution. It’s the most competitive place to buy what every girl would love to receive: a diamond from Fullcut.

gift ideas diamonds

A Sparkling Meeting with the Founder

Online diamonds? You might think. And affordable? Can I really trust this?

I was so intrigued, that I decided to meet the founder of the company, Yuri Arazi,  and find out more. And I fell in love.

The Zara of Diamonds

Before explaining his story, Yuri put some diamonds in my hands. Ok, that’s how he got me, maybe! But when I saw the sleek packages, the IGI (International Gemological Institute) certificates (more or less a passport for each stone) and prices… I really had to dig in further. So I asked him about Fullcut. And why they are the perfect Gift Ideas.

Let’s Talk About FullCut

Beatrice: How was the idea born?

Yuri: My family has been in the diamonds business for 40 years, in Antwerp. We noticed that some wholesalers regularly bought small diamonds of the purest quality from us. So we decided to sell them ourselves too, but with a better package! And we did it online. In Italy especially the southern part, the tradition of offering a diamond for a baby birth is still very strong. We took it from there and thought: there are so many more events that could be celebrated with a diamond. And that’s how the idea was born.

Beatrice: So it’s diamonds only – no jewellery.

Yuri: Yes. If you give it to a baby girl and she receives one each year, at age 18 she can make a ring or a bracelet out of it. Otherwise, it’s just a piece that lasts forever. People who receive a diamond appreciate the importance and meaning of the gift. A simple and pure diamond. Which is something that goes beyond a simple ‘’gift’’. It is obviously something precious but also a wish: the wish of a brilliant life in the case of a new born baby. But the idea is to wish something brilliant (or to celebrate a special moment with something brilliant/sparkling) to anyone around us in other occasions like birthdays, religious ceremonies, graduations etc… Currently we have three different lines but we won’t stop here!

Beatrice: What is the starting price?

Yuri: Currently, 149 Euro for our BabyCut. Then, of course, there are bigger and more expensive types.

Beatrice: And how about the origin of the diamonds? We have all heard about the so-called blood diamonds.

Yuri: You are right, but luckily the market has matured and is much more aware now than it used to be. Our company is a member of theAntwerp Diamond Bourse and the standard of ethical and moral practice are very high. Moreover we only buy diamonds from sure and trusted suppliers who have to declare by law the provenance of the diamonds.

Beatrice: If you could have anybody you wish as a  testimonial for FullCut, who would you choose?

Yuri: A woman? Ivanka Trump. A man? Phil Knight – not many people know him, but most have bought something from him!

Beatrice: What is your bestseller?

Yuri: The 0.08 ct. The price/quality ratio is excellent. And which one is your favourite?

Beatrice: The heart shaped one of course! The LoveCut.

Yuri: Yes, people get very emotional about that one. Even people in the diamond business, who see diamonds all day long, have shown us a lot of enthusiasm about it.

Beatrice: Can I borrow all these diamonds to take pictures, now?

Yuri: Sure. Let’s have a coffee with a view over the Milan Galleria. So at the end of the shooting I make sure I get most of it back! (Laughs)


gift ideas diamonds

Admiring the sleek Fullcut packaging in the famous Milan Galleria

gift ideas diamonds

Lovecut – the heart shape diamond to give to your loved one

gift ideas diamonds

Asking everything about diamonds to the mind behind the sparkle – businessman Yuri Arazi

gift ideas diamonds

Pastel colors for baby presents

gift ideas diamonds

A brilliant gift for a lifetime – and it comes with its own certificate

gift ideas diamonds

Walking with diamonds in my hands – you can see by my big smile!

gift ideas diamonds

Preparing the personalised messages to put on the gifts

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