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Hotel Eden Roc – Selvaggio Golf Trophy

Beatrice Lessi

A Sporty Way To Experience The Tropics of Switzerland

Once a year, under the sunny sky of Ascona, Ticino (also known as “the Tropics of Switzerland” for its beautiful climate and landscape), a classic event takes place in Golf course Patriziale: the golf tournament sponsored by the Selvaggio Art Gallery and the Eden Roc Hotel. Locals and people from allover the country spend a great weekend playing, networking, eating good food and enjoying the sun. This year my husband decided to participate and I ordered him to win! I escorted him to the golf course and watched the start of the competition.

The entrance of Golf Club Patriziale in Ascona

Almost a Japan feeling

A bold sofa by Carlo Rampazzi, whose Art Gallery, Selvaggio, sponsored the tournament together with the Eden Roc Hotel

Taking pictures of some of the players

My Stay

But I confess: the perfect conditions of the course and of the weather only encouraged me to go back to the hotel and lie in the sun. After that, I became curious to visit the Selvaggio gallery, which is only a five minutes walk away, in the very center of Ascona. I went to the gallery and spent two more hours there: its owner, architect Carlo Rampazzi, is an incredible character with a strong personality, a pure artist and a philosopher as well. A chat with him gave me a lot of food for thought. After that, it was time to go back to check the results: was the prize going to be “mine”?

The outside pool at Eden Roc

One of the hotel corners – designed by Rampazzi, of course

A very relaxing spot in the hotel

This beautiful building is Carlo Rampazzi’s HQ, where he also lives and has his art gallery, Selvaggio

With maestro Rampazzi

Results And Party

The official results were announced during the evening drinks in the hotel. A dj and some gourmet amuse-bouches kept the atmosphere lively and the guests happy. The winner was Heinz Lutta, the youngest participant, who won the tournament, but also won the closest to the pin and longest drive competition. This meant that I didn’t get any of the cachemire blankets offered by the Selvaggio gallery. All I could do was enjoying the kitchen party that followed, and eat and dance with the tournament participants. And I loved it: the combination of colourful food and flowers, lively music and leisurly atmosphere were almost…selvaggio (wild)!

Holding the program and checking prizes

With Salvatore Frequente, chef at Eden Roc, during the kitchen party. Which means one eats and dances with the Eden Roc team!

With Rampazzi, serving guests in the kitchen and greatly enjoying it. My husband, a bit skeptical, is watching from far

The Day After

Of course most guests stayed in Ascona for the whole weekend and enjoyed one more day in the sun. The hotel pools, their breathtaking views on the lake and mountains, and the city itself offer the ideal backdrop for a relaxing day in one of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland. We didn’t win but went home with a big smile on our face, rested and relaxed like after a real holiday.

Did I mention that Eden Roc has stunning views?

A part of my coloured suite

Here it always feels like holiday

Goodbye Ascona – see you soon!




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