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How to fall Back Asleep After you’ve Accidentally Woken up at 3 AM

Beatrice Lessi

It’s World Sleep Month – get ready for the 19th of March, that is World Sleep Day!

I have been watching a Masterclass  series about sleep and found it quite interesting. One f the many tips I learnt from Matthew Walker (professor and researcher about the the science of sleep, and author of the New York Time best seller book Why We Sleep) is: there are some strategies for when you wake up and can’t manage to fall asleep again. Below, you’ll find 5 of them, and here  some more general tips.

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Lower the Room Temperature

Keep your bedroom around 18 degrees Celsius (65 Farenheit) at night for ideal sleeping, assuming standard bedding and clothing. A cool bedroon stimulates the ebb and flow of daily temperature, triggering the hypothalamus to release melatonin.

Remove Your Phone – Make sure it’s actually Dark in There

When Steve Jobs introduced the IPhone in 2007, he unwittingly changed sleep forever: the device’s blue light can block the release of melatonin, a vital hormone that acts as a signal for slumber: It sounds counterintuitive, but but the App Store is loaded with aids for reaching dreamland – just make sure to put your phone down after activating one.

A pitch-black bedroom sends a powerful cue to your body that it’s time to get some rest. Consider using low-wattage, incandescendant lamps at the bedsite, and check the room for any other sources of light. Unplug them.

Do some Journaling

A 2018 study found that journaling can help reducing nighttime worrying. Write about your day and briefly outline the things you need to accomplish tomorrow. Getting your thoughts on paper might be trick to shutting off your brain and going to bed.

Try Relaxation Exercises

Deep breathing (slowly, from the belly), meditation and light yoga can get you back in the mood for sleep. Progressive muscle relaxation is another powerful tool: tense each body part and then relax it, starting with toes and legs and moving your way up through your abdomen, arms, and face.

Read a Book or Listen to Music

Flip through the pages of a well-worn novel or put on some relaxing tunes, and that might just do the trick.


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