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How to Supercharge your Run – Unbelievable Images of Empty Amsterdam

Beatrice Lessi

Once you share an adventure race in the Sahara with someone (and you live in Zurich or Amsterdam, so you don’t go to the desert every day!), you develop a special connection with that person, who was hungry, tired and in pain together with you, for days. This is what I feel every time I see a Whatsapp message from Frank van der Endt, whom I met during Marathon des Sables , and with whom I experienced some of the hardest moments there.

So when he sent me some images of a recent run he did in Amsterdam at night, I was taken aback. The combination of the empty city, him running with his friend Rutger Kleemans (who was also part of the Dutch team at MDS), and the surreal, still beauty surrounding them immediately inspired me. I am now planning a night training in empty Zurich, just to experience a similar feeling!

Why not doing a night run near you, to pimp your next training up? The lack of traffic and dreamlike atmosphere of these days should be experienced that way at least once, if you are a runner or simply love walking. Since all our races have been canceled, we can supercharge our motivation by choosing to run while experiencing something exceptional at the same time.

The beautiful photos were taken by Renata Jansen and featured in Runner’s World.

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