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How to Wear A Shirt – The Instagram Way

Beatrice Lessi

Instagram images have become the place where to spot a trend. Exploring hashtags is a kind of new Google, and following influencers, celebrities or fashion editors really helps to understand what’s most popular in the market. One of the most interesting trends I’ve been spotting lately is the new way to wear classic men’s shirts. Classic and timeless, shirts are experiencing a moment of glory in the streets and on social media. How to update your look to wear them the Insta way? Here my tips.


Have you ever heard about shrobing? It is quite possible that the shrobing trend (this is how it is called, when you wear a shirt, jacket or coat  down your shoulders) or its  variations started simply because street stylers wanted to show their dress to a photographer. But fact is: the style has now evolved and has a life on its own, so that designers, models, bloggers and normal people picked it, and wear their tops in every possible creative way. In order to do that, you need a big enough size. Simply wear, open and let down, very loose.

shirt the fashion week way

Oversized, loose shirts. Photo: harpersbazaar.com


Proportions are key for the new way to wear a classic shirt. How about a bomber, big sleeves, black thighs and over-the-knee boots? Choose a contrasting handbag. A white shirt can be wild – use a classic man’s shirt and reinvent it.


White, the wild way. Photo: pinterest.com


Bold or decorated,  perfect with high-waisted denim, a striped shirt the new way.

shirt the fashion way

Why not trying your boyfriend’s shirt? Photo: harpersbazaar.com


A real new classic, the checked skirt styled the contemporary way.

Just on one side – the shoulder drop. photo: vogue.co.uk

Over A Turtleneck Sweater

Find a contrasting color  to your turtleneck pullover and simply wear your shirt over it.

shirt the fashion week way

Wear your shirt over a pullover, and in a contrasting colours. Photo: harpersbazaar.com



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