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In The Farm With Miss Earth Schweiz

Beatrice Lessi

Preparation to Miss Earth Schweiz

You guys probably know by now that Geri and I are are always up for hearing what’s new about beauty, sustainability and fun. Last year we joined Miss Earth Schweiz and discovered the passion with which Tanja and Tommaso, the organisers, bring this idea each year to its final evening, on Swiss TV, and to the final election. So this year we were delighted to be invited again from an early stage, during the preparation of the candidates. Among other things the girls had to do, there was a week in the traditional Swiss Farm Bauer Fritz, a real eco-friendly paradise.

Miss earth Schweiz beatrice Geri

Geri enjoys the winter sun

The Farm – Bauer Fritz

Have you ever slept on a bed of straw? If you want to do this on Bauer Fritz, you’ll have to book a year in advance – tourists from allover the world flock to the farm to try. But no worries – there are also normal rooms and all modern comforts. The difference? The farm is self-sustained, produces all its green energy (they used to produce too much and even decided to buy Tesla cars and use the excess electricity for transport) and only prepares the most delicious, hand-made, organic food.

miss earth schweiz bea straw

Playing in the straw at Bauer Fritz – where everything is eco-friendly.

Miss earth Schweiz beatrice Geri

Cute, eco-friendly cotton

Bloggers And Candidates

This edition of Miss Earth Schweiz includes bloggers. Geri and I, together with other bloggers, joined the event. There we met the candidates and saw some of the initiatives they are working with. We saw a collection of super cute baby products in bio cotton. The main sponsor, Bonprix, has already helped more than 600 farmers in Africa with courses and education to produce it and sell it on its website. The other incredible idea by Bonprix I had never heard about – and thought it was pure genius – was fashion made by…plastic bottles! Yes, you read it well: with 8 plastic bottles, one can make a soft, beautiful fabric that is enough for, say, a winter jacket. I asked for one because I am very curious about it and would love to try it; I hope I will receive one soon.

After the presentation, we were told to chose a candidate to follow from now to the Miss Earth Schweiz final. Since we Monsters are two, we had the privilege of choosing two girls.


miss earth schweiz bloggers

Candidates and bloggers listen to the presentation about bio cotton

Miss earth Schweiz beatrice Geri

Outdoor playing

Our Candidate

Yoelle Dorte

Yoëlle is 25 and lives near Lausanne. She studied at the Professional School for Elite Sport in Tenero (in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland) and swimming in Canada. She regards this as one of the most beautiful experiences of her life, from a professional and human point of view. She works as a swimming teacher in Geneva, and also holds a diploma as a make-up artist. 

Yoëlle miss earth schweiz

Yoëlle loves water indeed!

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