bea odlo hike weak wi-fi ticino
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Let’s Wander Where The Wi-Fi Is Weak

Beatrice Lessi

A Classic Ticino Hike

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirty – I didn’t mean to apply this quote last weekend when I went on a classic hike in Ticino (from Monte Lema to Monte Tamaro) and did make my clothes dirty. The awe-inspiring backdrop of this beautiful walk invites you to stop and stare, sit on rocks, enjoy the contact with nature, and – why not – get dirty.

Sport Glamour

And you know what? I also want to be beautiful, when I go for a training. I know this might sound ridiculous, but I know it’s possible to move freely, stay warm, play like a kid, and… look cute on top of that. My personal trick: figure-hugging sportswear in top materials that feel soft and keep dry also during intense sport activity.

A Long Sunday, Wi-Fi Free

I went to this hike with my family and decided to avoid going back to the village with the Gondola: the whole walk took us more than 8 hours. We had plenty of breaks and photo sessions, but Wi-Fi was very limited, so for constantly connected people like us, it was an unusual day. Not sure I’d want to do this very often! But if you really want to relax on a Sunday, have a thought about hiking somewhere remote – a one day holiday for body and mind.

(My outfit is by Odlofrom the 70 Years Collection)

odlo ticino beatrice


bea odlo hike weak wi-fi

bea odlo hike weak wi-fi


bea odlo hike weak wi-fi ticino

bea odlo hike weak wi-fi ticino

bea odlo hike weak wi-fi ticino

bea odlo hike weak wi-fi ticino

hike ticino beatrice wifi

hike ticino beatrice lessi wifi

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