Geri at the Spa of Hotel Chedi Andermatt
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Luxury swiss experience in Hotel Chedi Andermatt

Germina Preses

It’s almost that time of the year again. Time for introspection, and time to start writing the new year’s resolutions.

If you look back at this year, what are your highlights?

Being a blogger is by definition a dream job. The best part is meeting new people almost on a daily basis -and above  all- discovering new places (that you sometimes would never see on your own).

Imagine my reaction when I first walked the door of what I call “The Most Amazing Place I’ve ever Seen”. As a wanderer affected by wanderlustol I get easily amazed, but something about this place just left me breathless. You could describe the Hotel Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland as this extremely luxurious hotel, like nothing you’ve seen before, with a traditional Swiss chalet style and a subtle touch of Asia. A powerful mixture that’s able to make you feel privileged  – and cozy.

The Location: best sky resort in Switzerland

A spectacularly beautiful two-hours train journey from Zurich, Hotel Andermatt in swiss Alps is going through a complete transformation. Formerly a rather forgotten destination (because the rail and roads bypassed the village, and also for its Swiss Army barracks, that certainly didn’t help local tourism), the village it’s now reinventing itself as one of the chicest skiing destinations in Europe. The stunning natural conditions and charming old village are already in place. What was missing was the infrastructure. An Egyptian-born property developer of Chedi Andermatt Hotel, named Samih Sawiris, is now building six 4 and 5 stars hotels, 490 apartments, 25 chalets and an 18-hole golf course. And what a standard! The Chedi Andermatt Hotel will indeed make even the most pampered of travellers say “wow”.

Hotel Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland

The Service of the Chedi Andermatt

I had read that, since The Chedi Andermatt is new, service is not seamless yet. Instead, we experienced pure excellence. The warmest of the welcomes with tea and scented hot towels while checking in followed by a surprise upgrade, a tour of the hotel, and a constantly friendly, smiley, multi-lingual staff who was always ready to help completed the experience.

Service Bar in Hotel Chedi Andermatt

The Guests/Ambiance: quality time with Chedi Andermatt in swiss alps.

First thing we realised there is: you want to enjoy every single moment and stay in the hotel. The purpose is to relax, and I can’t picture a better way to do it than a weekend at The Chedi Andermatt. The coziness, the spaces, the service and the activities won’t make you want to leave those walls. People from all over the world and every age group make it through the mountains to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Fact is:  it could be the most romantic time you ever had with your partner (yes, it is a couple’s paradise).

Guest Ambiance in Hotel Chedi Andermatt

Ambiance of the Chedi Andermatt Switzerland

Hall Ambiance in Hotel Chedi Andermatt

The Rooms: luxury in swiss.

A sleek, glass fronted fireplace in every room. A stunning height absolutely everywhere. An iPad to command every function in the room. Space; a lot of space. Oak and walnut panels and screens. Faux fur cushions and winter blankets. Leather details. Stone walls. Terraces to enjoy the sun and snowy mountains. All this is designed by Jean-Michel Gathi, a Kuala-Lumpur based designer of hotels interiors. The result is pure magic luxury hotel in Switzerland.

When we thought it couldn’t get any better we surprisingly received a room upgrade. From a beautiful suite, to a wonderful suite! I remember this strong feeling of being at home. Every time I entered the room, it simply felt right.


rooms Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland

Geri in Chedi Andermatt Hotel rooms

Rooms of Swiss Hotel Chedi Andermatt

Bedroom of Chedi Andermatt Hotel Swiss


The Chedi Spa Switzerland.

An incredible selection of spa services, starting with outdoor warmed up pool surrounded by snow. An indoor pool and relaxing areas everywhere. A 38 degrees pool and every type of sauna and steam bath you might want.

Geri in swimming pool of Chedi Andermatt


Geri in Swiss Hotel Chedi Andermatt

SPA of Chedi Andermatt Hotel

Swiss Chedi Andermatt Hotel Spa.

The Restaurant

Swiss seasonal menus and Asian specialities. Of course, the restaurant had to be a gem itself. A spectacular design, perfect service and totally visible kitchens. Once more, being able to see the staff working makes this incredibly luxurious place friendly and not intimidating. Food was excellent both for flavour and presentation. Not to forget: There is a cheese room. Yes, a room only for cheese.

Restaurant of Chedi Andermatt Hotel

Restaurant service in Andermatt Hotel Switzerland

Kitchen Restaurant Chedi Andermatt Hotel

Menu Restaurant Chedi Andermatt Swiss Hotel

 Our Stay

The Chedi Andermatt is the epitome of what luxury swiss has to offer, with an intense touch of internationality, modernity and class. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Geri and Bea selfie in Chedi Andermatt Hotel

Much love.



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