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My favourite looks 2023

Beatrice Lessi

Kate in Red

I love charts, and to think about what really stuck to my memory in a year coming to an end.

My absolute favourite 2023 outfit was the red coat with matching red hat worn by Princess Kate when meeting the President of South Korea. Her legs getting out of the car, with those red heels and everything, are a masterpiece. I don’t post the image here because it’s not my photo and I don’t want to be sued (it happened to me already).

My Favourite Outfits

At a much less important level, here are my own favourite dresses and styles of 2023, in which I felt fabulous. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

Most Photos: Funkyforty

The Animal Print Dress

The Skims Dress

The Bon Dress

The Eternal Cream Shirts


The Viral Dress

The Deep Plunge One Piece Swimsuit


The Ralph Lauren Dress

Polo Ralph Lauren Army Pants

The Killer Zimmermann Minidress

The White Blazer

The day version (here with retired astronaut Paolo Nespoli at a conference)

…and the evening version

The Chocolate Dress at the Light House

The 2 Best Sport Outfits

One for the cold – Peak Performance….

…and one for the Heat – Lululemon

Dotted Slip Dress

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