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Naughty Zurich – Sexiest things to do in the city

Beatrice Lessi

Christmas is sweet – let’s give it a bit of spice!

How about talking about some Swiss classic things to do when you need a touch of naughty? Here are some locations and winter activities to inspire you and give you a smile.

1. The Hürlimannbad & Spa

An ex brewery turned into a hip Zurich area (Google has its headquarters here too), Hürlimann Areal  offers a spa, bistro and panoramic view over the city. It is extremely popular among young couples, so much that there have been complaints about people fumbling under the water. For a private treat you can book the steambath, and play with the clay to rub on each others body. 


2. Play Santa’s “Dirty” Friend

Dressing up as a sexy Santa Claus is not a new idea. But Swiss people have a special addition to the Christmas tradition: the Schmutzli,  (literally “dirty”, also called Père Fouettard  in the French part of the country). Samichlaus’ alter ego usually carries a broom of twigs for punishment for naughty children, but, over the years, it has evolved into a more benign figure. Dress up as Schmutzli and wear whatever you like underneath!

3. Get (Kissable) Chocolate

The Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation in the world – a whopping 11 kg per year. How about spreading it on your partner’s body? Try the Chocolate body paint by Amorana. Alternatively, make a chocolate fondue and feed each other during a romantic dinner at home.

Swiss chocolate never fails

4. Have dinner at Miss Miu.

This trendy fusion restaurant in Europallee (an up and coming area in Zurich that boosts a lot of new shops and venues and a great architecture, together with a lot of space to walk) features a little budoir/photo studio where one can wear a father boa or a fancy hat ant take a selfie with a great light. Look at some of the decor in the cover picture, where I am sitting on the red chair.

5. Wear A Tracht

This traditional kind of dress is very loved by the Swiss German and German world because of how feminine it is, and how it shows your cleavage. Suitable for every size and even for weddings, Christenings or simply a party, tracht as a dress code.

Wearing a Tracht




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