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Playground Mirador

Beatrice Lessi

Preparing the next issue of H, the Swiss Deluxe Magazin

Here is the beginning of one of my articles for the next issue…the rest will be online or in every room and suite of the 39, five-stars Swiss Deluxe Hotels rooms.

Playground Mirador

Flooded with light

The limousine door opened,  I saw a stiletto touching the floor, then heard the high heels click-clack down Le Mirador Resort & Spa entrance.  Long legs, blonde floating hair. The lady wore a cream dress and sunglasses, her two kids followed her. The boy, about 12 years old, sprinted to reception but, all of sudden, stopped to stare at the view.

“Wow, mummy!”

He said, not able to move for a second, looking at the snow-capped mountains bathed in sunlight, and at the turquose waters underneath.

He put his hands on the huge window – well, a whole glass wall, really –  and made a round shape with his fingers, like he was watching from a binocular. I went near him and couldn’t help but doing the same, enthustiastic like a kid myself, while staff had to wait for us to finally check in. I guess reception is used to it: clients only look at it after they’ve admired the spectacular view.

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