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Punta Ala and Follonica: Two Pearls Under The Sun

Beatrice Lessi

Do you know Tuscany? For someone, like me, who comes from this region, Tuscany is definitely not all the same. Seaside, mountains, cities, country, wine regions: the variation is big, and we “toscani” all have our favourite spots. Personally, I am in love with Florence, Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta or “little Athens”,  and the very places where I come from : Follonica and Punta Ala. Here is where I came to relax, train for Marathon des Sables, regenerate, and …eat, of course!

All my outfits are by Odlo.


A lively village on the sea, with prices for any budget, sport, activities and many coffee shops, stalls, restaurant. It gets almost too busy in summer.

Best Place To Eat And To Stay

The best meal in Follonica? Il SottomarinoRefined but not stuffy, the food never disappointed me here.

And the best hotel? Organised by the Swiss, but located on a beautiful and lively beach, Golfo del Sole, better known in the village as villaggio svizzero, is a very good value for its price. Wooden bungalows with breathtaking views are literally 5 seconds from the beach.

golfo del sole

Running in front of Golfo del Sole – Odlo green top and grey shorts

odlo outfit

Detail of my Odlo outfit – I love grey and mint green

odlo skirt

Odlo shorts with miniskirt


Stretching on the beach of Golfo del Sole, Follonica. My outfit is by Odlo


The beautiful sea is often interrupted by buildings – Follonica is busy indeed.

MDS backpack

With my Marathon des Sables backpack – it’s almost 20% of my weight so not easy to run with!

odlo jacket

The Odlo wind jacket is perfect for transitional periods

Punta Ala

A calmer and more luxurious option? With its elegant Yacht Club, Golf Club with incredible views,  and 5 stars hotels, Punta Ala is a real gem. Tourists often drive there and wonder: where is the village? Villas and apartments are so deeply hidden into the green, that one can’t see them. Punta Ala is famous for its sailing and for being blessed with incredibly nice weather: its sky is often blue and free of clouds also when, all around, the weather is grey or miserable – the wind and position often clear the clouds away. Wonderful in summer, quite boring in winter in my opinion (but don’t tell locals! They love it), Punta Ala is perhaps my favourite place in the world.

punta ala

Blessed by an incredible good weather and blue sky: Punta Ala

troia-punta ala

Everybody who knows Punta Ala is familiar with this landscape: the Troia island in front of the harbour.


The lighthouse in the background is where I gave my first kiss – how could I not love this place?

green punta ala

It’s not always blue – there’s also a lot of green! Photo by Francesco Previtali

yacht club

The only yacht I deserve?

yacht club punta ala

Relaxing at the Punta Ala Yacht Club


The small island in front of the port.

sunset-punta ala

The same landscape at sunset – Punta Ala. Photo by Francesco Previtali

punta ala sunset

Home sweet home – there’s hardly a better place to recharge. Photo by Francesco Previtali


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