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Second Worldwide on the Google Challenge! #Getfitwithgoogle

Beatrice Lessi

The Fitness Challenge: #getfitwithgoogle

The New Year started with some sweat – I was competing for Google, in a fitness challenge launched in order to advertise their new Google Fit App. Here are the main facts of the challenge:

  • 2500 participants worldwide
  • Our heart points were measured with the Google Fit App
  • Duration: 1-28 January
  • Weekly results alway saw Switzerland sharing the top positions with Colombia
  • I ended up in second position!

Can You Do It?

I am not a champion and can’t really excel in any sport. I simply move a lot. The Google challenge was more based on general fitness than on speed or top achievements. The idea is to encourage people to move and be healthy. My speciality, I would say!

During the 4 weeks  of the challenge, all my steps and heart points were monitored. I run regularly, walked a lot with my puppy, around the house, or simply to go to places, did some gymnastic (at home and in the gym), went swimming and skiing – and I am very bad at these two sports. But I still did it, so I finally collected so many points that my rank was almost at the top. Considering most of the participants were half my age, I am delighted: I kicked a lot of ass 🙂

Everybody can be fit without being a professional or a super young super muscular fitness junk. Moving regularly is the key. Wishing a happy and healthy 2019 to everybody!



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