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Sleeping on Blick!

Beatrice Lessi

Blick.ch is the most popular Swiss platform. I was recently featured on it regarding one of my favorite subjects and brands: sleep, and Dagsmejan. 

Here is the article, and some more pictures of the photo shooting for Dagsmejan.

Fun Facts About Sleep

Let me motivate you to pay more attention to your sleep with 5 fun facts about its advantages and characteristics.

  1. High earners get the best sleep
  2. Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep
  3. Sunglasses can help you to sleep better: let morning light (even if it’s raining) hit your retina in the first part of the day, and wear sunglasses or make sure you are exposed to little light in the afternoon or evening – this will boost melatonin, much better than a pill
  4. Today, 75% of us dream in colour. Before colour television, just 15% of us did
  5. Sleep to lose weight: a 2022 clinical trial found that overweight adults who increased their sleep duration took in fewer calories compared with a control group

Tip: The Most Comfortable Pyjamas in The World

I swear that every single person who tried Dagsmejan Sleepwear agrees: these are the most comfortable Pyjamas by far. Their feel, temperature regulation, boost to recovery, looks and sustainability have no rivals. About the feeling on your skin, ideally you should try it – it really is next level. And then you might think: Beatrice, for once you were right (smile).


Photos: Annalisa Burello

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