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Le Petit Marseillais brings summer feelings into your bathroom

Germina Preses

Lately I have rediscovered my childhood body products. Le Petit Marseillais brings summer feelings into your bathroom. Exploring its different fragrances is like jumping in some of my cutest childhood memories. Here my personal pick.

When I’m Sweet

After a busy day of work, photos and sport, I am often so tired that I…become sweet! I think we all need to be efficient and sometimes even hard, during the day.  One of my favourite rituals to switch back to my full self, in the evening, is choosing from a small collection of fragrances and pick one. When it’s Sweet Almond, it’s a good sign – I am happy, and ready for a long rest. This extra mild shower gel is also from Le Petit Marseillais.The almonds are harvested at the end of Summer in the Mediterrenean region. le Petit Marseillais uses the milk of numerous varieties that originate in the Provence.

Morning Spice

On the other hand, to kickstart the day, I find the Verveine & Citron option best. Don’t be fooled though: the Sicilian lemons remind me of my Italian holidays, and comfort me at any time, and the hand picked Verveine from the South of France also have a relaxing effect.

Today is The Best

But today is a special one because I picked my favourite of them all – the Orange Flower shower gel.

The flowers are harvested in Spring in the Mediterrenean region, hand-picked and appreciated for their delicate aroma. It’s something I do only if I am absolutely certain that it’s going to be a great day. And I have the feeling this is happening for sure! It’s like conditioning my mind with the right attitude, with the help of a beloved aroma. Wishing you all to find your best rituals for a great mood,






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