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The Uber of Influencers

Beatrice Lessi

Does my A** look big in This?

Admit it: you’ve said this once, to a friend, while trying outfits on and exchanging opinions. That would be the moment to ask a professional – an outside person who’s working as a personal shopper or influencer or an expert in fashion – their expert opinion.

Doctors and Eyelash Serums

I had a proof of this last night, at a party, when two (female) medical doctors heard me discussing eyelash serums with a friend. Eyelash…what? Does such a thing exist? Said one doctor in a mocking tone. But then she couldn’t help it: she had never heard of it before, she thought it was the most stupid idea in the world, and finally…she wrote down the brand name.

After all, we all love to be more beautiful, well dressed, and to hear some new information that might be out of our everyday knowledge. So maybe hearing what a professional has to say is a good idea.


There is a brand new platform to do that in Zurich: myProfashional. Here you can


  • Check the influencer/personal shopper rating and users opinion (exactly like Uber)
  • Book a style expert, a personal shopper, an Influencer, and have a personalised shopping trip/closet restyling
  • Pay per hour, so you know exactly what you are spending
  • Rate the experience at the end

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