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Waldhaus Hotel Davos – The Secret of the Magic Mountain

Beatrice Lessi

Behind the Masterpiece

No wonder Thomas Mann was so impressed by the lush pine trees and majestic mountain peaks surrounding the historic house that is today the Waldhotel Davos : its views are so breathtaking, that they made the ideal setting for Mann’s world-renowned novel The Magic Mountain.

waldhotel davos

The view from our balcony

Five Stars

Today, the Hotel is a “four stars luxury” hidden treasure for anybody in search of relaxation and tranquillity. But the way Geri and I felt during our stay was definitely five stars.

waldhotel davos

Natural light and cozy sitting everywhere in the hotel

Pit Stop

We didn’t have much time at all in the hotel, because we arrived in the late afternoon and had to leave in the morning. But it was enough to experience a warm welcome with tea and hot towels, a gourmet dinner I didn’t expect at such a high level (mind you, the chef of the Sens 1605 Restaurant, Jeroen Achtien, has a Michelin star…but I didn’t research and I didn’t know), a pit stop at the Spa, which was opened just for us in the evening (we could have had a private party there!), and a spacious suite overlooking the magic mountain.

waldhotel davos

The Spa, all for us


What counts most, when visiting a hotel, is how welcome and at ease one feels. The best food or lovely toiletries will never be as important as people, and this is where I think the Waldhaus Hotel really excels.

We left in the morning relaxed and energised, and even managed to take some pictures, since the light and setting were so beautiful, that there was no need to take many and choose.

A warm, friendly, elegant hotel to detach from everyday life and get a feeling of the magic of Davos.

waldhotel davos

The hot chocolate bar

Breakfast with a view

waldhotel davos

View from our suite

waldhotel davos

Bath with a view

waldhotel davos

Breakfast overlooking the magic mountain

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