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What is Dory Doing in London?

Beatrice Lessi

You Look Pretty Hot

Last week, on my road trip through Europe, I visited the London Zoo. Here are my top reasons to go and see it:

  • It’s fun (You look pretty hot, says a tv screen where your image measures your body temperature, and Some penguins are gay – Get over it, is written on top of the penguins pool…little jokes are everywhere)
  • It’s big (the animals have space and look happy, with enough freedom and privacy, plus…you won’t manage to see it all, in a day)
  • it’s interesting (between one joke and the other, much clear information is given)
  • it’s photogenic (here are some of the pictures my daughter, @michellewspi, took)
  • it features a butterfly area (I had never seen one and loved its calming effect)
  • it’s near Regents Park (worth the visit itself, especially right now because of the Frieze exhibition)


Dory is only one of the animals we saw – but kids kept saying her name, pointing at her, giving little screams of joy. Hoping this images can give you a smile too,



Photos by Michelle

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