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What it feels like to use FOREO

Germina Preses

I have always been very curious about the latest skincare and technology, mainly because as teenager I had major issues with acne, affecting my skin (and self esteem) deeply. I soon realised that the most important things for a perfect complexion were two: 1. Cleansing thoroughly, 2. Preserving my youth.

That’s why I was delighted to try FOREO (for everybody), a revolutionary brush with two functions: 1. deep cleaning, 2. massaging and firming. The model I chose is called LUNA and can be connected to your phone with an  app to guide you through all steps.

My Experience

On a grey afternoon I decided to pamper myself with some me-time at home. I am fussy about cleaning my skin every day and don’t like changing products too often, so the LUNA shape definitely has an advantage: it doesn’t need to be replaced. I switched the app on and applied the cleansing foam. The gentle movement felt extremely refreshing.

Of course I wanted more! It was my spa day at home and I was determined to use it to the max.

I simply switched from cleaning foam to hydrating cream, and applied LUNA to my face and neck. It felt so deeply relaxing and gently stimulating my muscles – the effect was visible, but above all it felt like almost having a nap. I even enjoyed how it looked in my bathroom…isn’t me-time also important for the eyes?

I can highly recommend LUNA because it’s so easy, practical yet luxurious – perfect as a gift to your girlfriend, loved one, mother or to yourself. It’s always time to give yourself more attention! My LUNA logo near my daily apps now remind me of this every day.

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