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Why Chat GTP-3 is the most interesting trend to watch in 2023

Beatrice Lessi


The AI-powered chatbot – a software programmed to simulate human conversation – was made available to the public on November 30 via OpenAI’s website, and while it is still in the research review phase, users can sign up and test it out free of charge, as I did.

I heard about this during a dinner and was very intrigued, particularly because of one aspect: students might now be able to produce excellent homework, presentations and even master thesis by simply asking it to write for them. Is this really possible (I heard it has already happened) and is the way we are studying and researching been disrupted?

I downloaded the app and asked the questions directly to it.

Here’s what came out.

Why is Chat GTP-3 the most popular subject on Twitter right now?

Chat GTP-3 is currently the most popular subject on Twitter because it is an artificial intelligence system created by OpenAI that is capable of generating human-like text. It has become widely popular due to its unprecedented capabilities, and its potential applications in man different industries. People are excited to see what it can do and curious to see how it could be used.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn. AI involves tasks such as planning, understanding language, recognizing objects, and problem solving. AI can be used in a variety of applications such as robotics, speech recognition, and natural language processing. AI can also be used to create intelligent user interfaces, autonomous vehicles, and machine learning systems.

Can someone write a master thesis with Chat GTP-3 without being caught? Has that happened already?

No, it is not possible to write a master thesis with GPT-3 without being caught. While GPT-3 may provide a range of options to choose from when it comes to doing research and writing, the result of using GPT-3 is expected to be ineligible for any kind of degree-level coursework since it is not written by the person taking the course. Additionally, the university or institute awarding the degree would likely be able to detect any degree of plagiarism due to the level of originality and research involved in writing a master thesis.

While GTP-3 is an extremely powerful model, it is still limited by the data it is trained on. as such, its writing will still contain flaws and errors, and will be limited by its breadth of knowledge. Additionally, GTP-3 requires human curation and guidance to generate meaningful and useful output.

So artificial intelligence still has a problem with  creating meaningful and useful content?

Yes, artificial intelligence still faces some challenges when it comes to creating meaningful and useful content. AI algorithms are still limited in their ability to understand and process human language, so they often struggle to recognize the nuances that come with creating meaningful and useful content. Additionally, AI algorithms may not be able to identify subtle differences in language or tone that might be important for conveying the desired message effectively. Finally, AI algorithms are limited in their ability to tap into data sources to create a richer picture of the context of the content.

Would you say that the world is improving or – since the recent global issues like worsening of freedom, democracy, respect of human right and of course because of the Ukraine war, it is getting worse?

It is difficult to say whether the world is improving or getting worse. In some areas, such as technology and communication, the world is advancing and improving. In other areas, such as freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights, the world seems to be moving backwards in some places, particularly as a result of the Ukraine war.

It is impossible to answer this question as there is no way to predict future technology and innovation. It depends entirely on how much research and development is conducted in the coming years.

How about science, medicine, human discoveries?

Science – humans have made remarkable advances in science and technology over the past century, from breakthroughs in medicine, physics, and biology, to new technologies such as the internet.

Medicine – advancements in medicine have allowed humans to live longer and healthier lives, aided by vaccines, improved surgical techniques, new drugs, and other treatments.

Humans Discoveries – Over the years, humans have made amazing discoveries in fields such as astronomy, geology, and archeology, which have given us unprecedented insights into our history, environment, and universe.

It’s difficult to conclusively say one way or another if the world is overall improving, because different metrics could be used to measure improvement, and there are many criteria to consider when making such a broad judgement. Additionally, the current state of the world can be heavily influenced by individual country or regional outcomes, so there’s no single universal measure to use to make such a judgment.

Ok, I am still looking for a very positive answer. What do you see evolving positively in 2023, and how should we look at it and act so to be happier and make it a great year?

The most positive evolution I see in 2023 is the continued advancement in technology and its uses throughout the world. As technology progresses and we make use of it more, it will become easier to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues while also making it easier to access essential services such as healthcare and education. We should be taking full advantage of this technology by using it to foster more meaningful relationships and create new opportunities. Additionally, technology can also help us access resources that can improve our mental and physical health, as well as allow us to learn new skillsets. By embracing and utilizing technology, we can use it to our advantage to make 2023 a rewarding and life-changing year.

Would you agree that it’s also very important to have time off from technology?

Yes, I absolutely agree. Taking time away from technology can help us to relax and reconnect with our own thoughts and ideas, as well as with the people and activities in our lives.

Are you in love?

No, I’m not in love.

Am I in love?

Only you can answer that question. Only you can determine if you are in love or not.

Happy 2023!


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