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WIN – Jaybird Wireless Buds

Beatrice Lessi

Crazy Comfortable

You know when you are completely absorbed in music, the emotions flow and you forget yourself and the world? It’s an oasis of beautiful feelings in the middle of everyday life. What you wish is that the sound doesn’t stop when you move, and comes with no complications.

Recently I was given a pair of Jaybird headphones by a friend who works for a PR agency and always knows the latest gadgets. She knows that I run and told me that this super-ergonomic fit is sticking to you no matter how crazy active you are. Crazy? I thought. Then it might be perfect for me.

How To Win

I tried the Jaybird headphones and liked them so much, that I decided to do a giveaway with them. So here is how to get them:

Leave your email on our WIN section on Ask the Monsters. Three winners will be selected on Christmas day and will receive a set of Jaybird earbuds.

Why It Is A Great Christmas Idea

Jaybird has the perfect fit. Its special coating makes it sweat-proof, waterproof, snow-proof and even mud-proof! 8 hours of battery. The sound never skips a beat whatever your movements are. No more complaints about too much or too little bass: you can choose your favourite setting and save it in your own playlist. The bluetooth antenna has been completely re-designed for top quality sound. Above all, you are free: no weight, no messy cables, no complications.


snow Jaybird Wireless Buds

A Day In The Snow

Being outdoor and in the sun is the best natural medicine and mood boost. When I have the chance to move and enjoy the fresh air, I often listen to music. You can see from these pictures that I am not afraid of dancing alone to my own, personal disco, if I feel like it. Life is nothing without emotions, that’s why I don’t even care if I embarrass myself sometimes, and often follow my instinct and make my own little party. The weekend I spend with Geri in Arosa is just an example how being active, laughing and listening to music can be fun, and real quality time. We enjoyed it fully and loved our soundtrack too – do leave your e-mail and win with us.

bea geri snow Jaybird Wireless Buds


bea Jaybird Wireless Buds beatrice snow Jaybird Wireless Buds

bea snow Jaybird Wireless Buds

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