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Would You Dare Doing This With Your Family?

Beatrice Lessi

If you are looking for ideas in your own country while waiting to travel again, you might be surprised at realising the number of things you never had the time for.

In our case, we always said one day we would try skydiving together, so we waited until our youngest daughter was old enough (16)….and then forgot about it for a year, distracted by the fast rhythm of pre-covid life.

Then life became still for the reasons we all know, and we thought about it again. When Paracentro Locarno finally opened again, we went to Ticino and did it. It was a fantastic experience, even more special shared with the family (i.e. with my husband and our three daughters).

How It Works

We arrived at the centre and had to show our fitness level – that meant we run with our instructor for about 1 km at medium speed. The we sat on a table and were briefed about how it all works. The staff was friendly and informative, and showed us a book with photographs of every step. We had to do a mock jump and lie on a bench moving our body as the instructor told us to. Finally we were helped to get dressed, and off we went!

Personally I was less scared than I imagined, but I had a light problem with my ear (after all, I jumped from 4’000 mt. for the first time) and had a very dry mouth. My daughters were quite cool and happy, but one told me one of her legs was almost “asleep” – the whole experience is not completely easy for the body.

The weather was perfect so we also enjoyed the flight and the fabulous views. The adrenaline kick was extreme, as one can see a bit from the videos below.

Is the experience worth? If you are not particularly scared, I would totally recommend it. Doing it in a team is the cherry on the cake and a day to remember forever.

Price is 425 CHF per person.

My watch is the Endurance Pro, by Breitling.


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