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Yoga With A View

Beatrice Lessi

Summer Camp – Self Made

Every Summer I go to Punta Ala on holiday: this is where I come from and where my family of origin still lives. My girlfriend Lucia, whom I know since childhood, works here while I am having my vacation. Do you think that this stops her from training and running? She is actually the one who pushes me to do sport! We regularly run together and sometimes do yoga or Pilates with the breathtaking views that this place offers. We go early in the morning or at sunset and enjoy the pleasure of the outdoors while moving and stretching.

The Odlo Uniform

While training we chat a lot and of course exchange tips about outfits. Since I have a big range of Odlo outfits, she had the chance to see some and try them on. She now loves them too, and we sometimes find ourselves in partner look. Here are some pictures we took while doing yoga from one of the most scenic places in Punta Ala; shoes are from On , outfits by Odlo.


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