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You won’t believe what you can do in Zurich

Beatrice Lessi

Best Things To Do In Zurich

New to the city? Looking for the most romantic weekend? Trying to find out if Swiss are boring or not? Then you might appreciate some tips for the best experiences in Zurich city. Here my top 5.

1. Stay in a Hotel with a Gorgeous View

Would you like to wake up in the morning and say wow!, or take the most Instagrammable pictures of the city, during your hotel stay? Then check out these Zurich hotels with perfect views.

The selection has been  curated by The Most Perfect View, specialized in showcasing the best hotels with views worldwide. 

The old city looks like a postcard, from the Storchen Hotel

2. Do The Beam Challenge – In The Oldest Pub in Town

The oldest pub (and restaurant) in town, the Oepfelchammer, still looks like 200 years ago.  They serve terrific local wines in a all-wooden setting and completely carved walls. The special challenge of the place: if you manage to climb over two ceiling beams and drink a glass of wine hanging upside down, you will get your drink for free, and will be allowed to carve your name into the wooden walls. Here are the full instructions.

3. Visit A Chocolate Factory

Park your car in the Lindt headquarters, and you’ll already feel in paradise. The delicate and sensual warm chocolate smell is so intense, that you almost feel you can bite it . The stylish entrance looks like a boutique hotel more than a chocolate factory. Wear your gold buttoned uniform and Chef hat (available also for children), and stand in front of the laboratory. In a surprising move, all automatic doors will open at a given moment and a Hollywood-like music background will make you feel like a (chocolate star).

Go to one of the Maitre Chocolatiers, and start working. You will get to dip your spoon in huge pots of melted chocolate and make your own pralines, teddy bears, or chocolate bars . Pack your creations in the most elegant paper and ribbons, and enjoy the best present you could possibly make with your own hands.

4. Do a Real Treasure Hunt

A real treasure hunt, that lets you discover the city while challenging your friends or family? It’s available in both German and English at Foxtrail.

Dress comfortable for walking, take the task seriously because it’s quite fun if you do so, follow the instructions, solve riddles, decipher secret messages, find the following path, have a laugh. You can wear make up if you like, because at the end, in a secret location, you’ll get a surprise picture that will be posted in the internet.

5. Go to The Opera on a Budget

And how about going intellectual, and trying the Zurich Opera? Dress up, it’s the opera after all! Most people make an effort and look elegant. Some look weird, but hey, the Swiss aren’t necessarily the best at fashion.

Like for the chocolate factory experience, the first pleasure here is the parking space. Recently renovated, it’s probably the most expensive parking space in Switzerland (and don’t forget Zurich is the most expensive city in the world), but the displayed ruins and the stylish design will make you feel like in a brand new, boutique museum.

The Zurich Opera offers a quality program with top artists, and is normally quite expensive. But there are many budget deals like Sunday lunch concerts, or well priced tickets from a side seat (about 38 CHF ). You can also enjoy a pic-nic at the the free outdoor opera once summer arrives. For more information, visit the Opera website.


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