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A Fountain Pen For a Lifetime – Von Moos

Beatrice Lessi

A St Moritz Discovery

I first discovered Von Moos in glamorous St. Moritz – and noticed this beautifully crafted fountain pen while looking for a gift that could be the complete opposite of our fast society. In the words of André Von Moos, the Swiss entrepreneur who founded the brand and has been involved with steel and wood for decades:

Von Moos writing instruments are intended to be contrary to these trends. Single pieces not mass production, hand-selected materials not standardised products; diversity not uniformity.

fountain pen von moos

Feminine Shape

A Von Moss fountain pen is also based on the female silhouette. Elegant and consciously feminine, it establishes a link with Mother Nature.

A real piece of art to sign all the important documents of your life, or simply to keep in your handbag to impress – you’ll see how many comments you will get, when writing a post-it or signing a credit card bill with this fountain pen!

fountain pen von moos

Personalise Your Fountain Pen

Von Moos writing instruments can be customised to your wishes. Here is a limited edition especially made for Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St.Moritz. Every detail – from the box to the fountain pen – is made according to the client’s wishes and using the most precious materials. A present that lasts forever, to collect or use every day.

von moos fountain pen


von moos fountain pen

von moos fountain pen

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