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Banksy Record – Raising Money for Kyiv

Beatrice Lessi



Last year one of Banksy’s paintings sold for 18.5 million euros – Banksy, with his mystery and his sharp and witty art, is very sought after.

Now, his popularity will be used to raise money fo the victims of the war in Ukraine. The print of CND  soldiers by the secretive street artist has been donated by an anonymous art collector with bidding starting at £20,000, and all the money raised will go to the National Specialised Children’s Hospital in Kyiv.

I  love Banksy’s style and just attended an exhibition in Milan, and the main train station. Some of his works are incredibly prophetic, depicting children in war, a Mild Mild West,  a Bird With a Grenade (with the caption: That’s all, folks!), a dove wearing a bulletproof vest, and so on. A touch of humour doesn’t make the visit light: one has to think and wonder about us humans. It was the third time I visited such an installation, showing works that are normally scattered on the walls of cities, and that get recreated indoor for the sake of a museum. Well, as usual, even if that is a bit weird, I loved it. Below, some of the artwork that can be seen in Milan.

For more information about the auction, go to https://www.myartbroker.com/abanksy4ukraine




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