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War Is in My Feed – What Should I Post?

Beatrice Lessi

Is Fashion Week inappropriate, while Ukraine has been attacked? Should all social media talk about war only? Is my selfie unsuitable, because of the situation?

While I have no definite answer, a sentence my daughter recently told me resonates with me:

If everybody does a little thing, it helps much more than a small number of people doing it all perfect….

It’s no time for perfectionism, and it never was anyway. Just help somehow, in a ways that suits you, and only if you feel like it.

In the past, information was dual: a yes or no. It was all in the papers, so either you bought a newspaper (and you were informed), or you didn’t (and you were not informed). Today, there are many more possibilities. Maybe you read only titles and rarely a whole article, maybe you read mostly Instagram or Facebook posts, maybe a mix of of Twitter, online papers and whatsapp information, or even podcasts and documentaries…there are millions of possibilities, and information is much more spread. Never before were we so confused about the possibilities of fake news, and and what and whom to trust. Information has become complex, but also more independent, free and varied.

Your feed is your space and you can use it the way you feel is correct for you – and that’s a great privilege.

If you want to donate for Ukrainian children, Save the Children is on site helping. Personally I really trust and appreciate their work, and made a small donation – you can donate starting from 50 CHF. I also asked them how to give my availability to host Ukrainian refugees, and they gave me the Campax link.

The Odessa Opera House – I visited it five months ago



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