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Guess What Bulgari Does With Save the Children…?

Beatrice Lessi

…Splendid Jewels Of Course!

When Italian luxury brand Bulgari teams up with Save the Children, to celebrate 10 years of partnership, the result is a gorgeous (and well priced) silver collection. The necklace pendant is double face,  so it can show the The Save the Children logo, or the classic Bulgari one.

I was invited by Save the Children to visit the Bulgari shop in Banhofstrasse, Zurich, where photos from the “I am Alive” exhibition are also shown, together with the jewellery. I really loved the collection and the idea behind, and the photos, about refugee children, are quite strong and emotional.

If you want to discover the whole collection, click here. Or I’ll see you in Banhofstrasse!

Below, some photos from the day.

Photos: Natallia Apet.




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