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Best Swiss Blogs 2018

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Every year, Feedspot compiles a chart with the best blogs around the world (according to traffic), and notifies the best ones about their achievements. In 2018, I am proud to be n.2 in Switzerland, after Sandra Bauknecht and her Sandra’s Closet.

Here is the Top 10:

1. Sandra’s Closet

Sandra’s Closet, by Sandra Baucknecht

2. Ask the Monsters
3. Currently Wearing

Currently Wearing, by Miri
4. The Fashion Fraction

The Fashion Fraction, by Michèle Krüsi.

5. The Vogue Word

The Vogue Word, by Vanessa Ciliberto.

6. Funky Forty

Funky Forty, By Yvonne Aeberhard Stutz.

7. Hey Pretty

Hey Pretty, by Steffi Hidber.

8. Cristina Gheiceanu

Cristina Gheiceanu, by Cristina Gheiceanu.

9. A Gentleman’s World

A Gentleman’s World, by Ralph Widmer.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

10. Sisters from Another Mother

Sisters from Another Mother, by Tania and Laureline.

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