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Boudoir Zurich is the new Studio 54

Beatrice Lessi

…And more intelligent!

I am smiling while writing that Boudoir is the new Studio 54, but better, because it’s not up to me to judge, really. I was never in the golden NY era that connected so many interesting people and artists, and I guess the Boudoir Zurich event is safer and more about real relationships too. So there are some differences for sure.

But something really cool is happening in Zurich, and everybody wants to go. When my daughter heard about it, she immediately asked me to be invited too, since the voice is going around and the event is by invitation only. And what is Boudoir exactly?

What Is Boudoir

A safe space for the creative community, the event takes place in Zurich regularly, changing venue every time.

Each location dictates the style and makes it always a bit different 

explains Ariane Tavakol, founder.

But what stays the same is that we connect creative people. Our space is for those who are already professionals, those to aspire to become professionals, and those who love the arts, for example. 

There is no ticket to pay, the event is by invitation only and nobody will charge you anything.

An experience for the eyes, the nose, the ears, mind and soul, the evening always features live performances and spaces to talk and connect.

An example of sound experience ? (but remember: the program is always changing). The Acu Sound Bath – that to be honest I didn’t even know it existed. It is a good way to surprise the guests and make them warm up for the evening.

A relaxing soak in the tub isn’t the only kind of bath that can have health benefits. Waves of soothing, echoing sound from traditional wind and percussion instruments, also known as a “sound bath“.

Ariane explains.

In the latest event, two Opera singers, a singer songwriter from Oman, and a DJ from South Africa also performed, while the biggest LED screen in Switzerland (3D) projected digital pieces.

Soho House

There is another big name I’d like to mention to give you an idea of the Boudoir atmosphere: Soho House, one of the sponsors. It’s another quality stamp, and it’s interesting to see how it became “Zurified”. Compared to other cities, Zurich is in many cases more forward looking, and anticipating trends.

Contrary to common belief and to the surprise of many, the city is home to fundamental cultural movements. And have a look at the video below to see that is a fun place too!

If you are interested in joining the next Boudoir Zurich event, you can contact Ariane at [email protected]

The team behind Boudoir: Ariane Tavakol, Ian Lawrence and Jen Lawrence Dale.

Artist curator: Christin Khaukha

Photography: Chaya Photo Studio

Video: Sow & Sow Creatives



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