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100 Years Ahead – Really

Beatrice Lessi

A Teetotal Who Loves Cognac?

I ‘ve been a teetotal all my life. And I’m going to write about French luxury cognac maker Louis XIII , and Pharrell Williams. Not because they paid me (nobody did), but because I think the idea behind “100 Years” is fantastic (scroll down to read about it).  I also appreciate luxury and good quality a lot. In a world of fast consuming, the concept I heard last week at the Louis XIII event is revolutionary. So for anybody who loves cognac, this cooperation is definitely worth reading . If you are looking for a very special present for Christmas or an important occasion, you might have found it.

How I Was Seduced

If you meet Dianne Brill, you can’t avoid being seduced. Apart from the fact that, if you Google her, you’ll go “wow”, this fabulous girl simply brings every party to another level. In Zurich, if you are invited somewhere she is attending too, it means you are at the best event – period.

Last week Louis XIII launched its 100 Years campaign in a lovely flat in Zurich. We met there and started to talk. Even  though Dianne, with her flamboyant looks and conversation, gets immediately all the attention, she makes every guest feel the most important person in the room. I don’t know how exactly she manages to act blonde and be so witty and deep at the same time, but it is her art. You won’t catch Dianne distractedly chit-chatting or checking her phone: she will be listening to you like she was waiting for nothing else all her life.

Smuggling For A (Kind Of) Good Cause

About one hour through the party, Dianne and I were plotting to smuggle a miniature Louis XIII, because hey, it does look like a perfume and who wouldn’t like this bottle in his/her living room or bedroom? Since the price is a reasonable 600 CHF (luxury was never cheap, wasn’t it), and its size tiny, we thought nobody would really care – and that the bottle could be easily hidden in our small handbags. There were so many around, sure nobody would have realised? Finally our morals won over our greed, and we gave up the project. But there was a lot of giggling!

Louis xiii pharrell williams 100 years

One of the many miniature bottles scattered around the flat during the Louis XIII event

Secret Song

Here is the idea behind the campaign I loved so much: Louis XIII commissioned Pharrell Williams to write an exclusive song called “100 Years”that will not be released until 20117. Yes, in 100 years, you read it well. Have you ever heard of a brand paying for something happening in 100 years? Or have you ever bought a luxury item to be delivered to you in 100 years? This is really unheard of. But Louis XIII is used to thinking far ahead.

Louis xiii pharrell williams 100 years

The “100 Years” campaign


The catch is that the song has been laid down on a special record made of clay of the Cognac region, and is being held in a safe that is indestructible, excepts if submerged in water. If the sea level continues to rise because we don’t do anything about global warming, the song with be destroyed forever. The challenge is to act against global warming and avoid this. Use the #ifwecare hashtag if you like the idea and want to spread the word.

When you are drinking Louis XIII, you are drinking time.

But the next 100 years, because of what we did to our planet, are like the safe: vulnerable. Our descendants will be able to listen to the Pharrell song only if we care.

Thank you Louis XIII for the fun event, and for some food for thought!

Louis xiii pharrell williams 100 years

Pharrell Williams with the record, made of (water-vulnerable) clay


A big bottle of Louis XIII above the #ifwecare hashtag

A delicious dinner before the cognac tasting (which I obviously skipped)

The start of the Louis XIII tasting

Another corner of the flat, all decorated in Louis XIII



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