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Bump Into Art Everywhere in Venice

Beatrice Lessi

Get Lost

Art is everywhere in Venice – during my recent Christmas trip I experienced it once more. Sun or fog, Venice is the city that inspired so many writers and movies about the concept of “getting lost” in it (remember Eat, Pray, Love?).

Yes, simply walk with no precise aim. You’ll find something interesting for sure – a sleeping swimmer at Gritti Palace, a Burberry-clad statue in the middle of a square (by fabulous Bel-Air Fine Art gallery), a delicate embroidered lace hanging out of a window to dry up, a ferry crew shouting names of stations with all the air they have in their lungs, and much more.

My Favourite Museum in Venice

There’s no doubt my favourite museum in the city is the Guggenheim Museum: every time I go, I visit it. Its building, location, small size, lack of long queueing up and, of course, the art, make it an absolute gem one can see in one hour. You won’t look at paintings only: cool statues in the garden, beautiful windows and great views on the waters are keeping every tourist a bit longer.

Art isn’t modern only, of course. The city offers much more. For suggestions of places to see in Venice, read my blogpost: Secret Venice.

The famous decorated windows of the Guggenheim Museum


Don’t Forget To Shop

Gone are the times of Venice selling just tourists junk. Nowadays, one can find all main designers and many cool department stores around the area of Ponte di Rialto.

T Fondaco dei Tedeschi features all luxury brands and a stunning city views from its rooftoop – a Harrods in Veneto, more or less!

Venezia can be enjoyed in 24 hours, for a weekend or for a longer break, in Summer, Winter, or during Carnival. Don’t forget a kiss on the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sights) so to mix art, culture and romance.

Just a standard view from Piazza San Marco – no lightroom effects whatsoever, of course


A detail in San Marco Square

Just walk with no precise goal

Ma daugthers trying masks on

Thinking hard!

Classic and modern art mix everywhere in Venice

Enjoying the views of the Canals filled with Gondola

Palazzo del Doge and a modern Christmas Tree

Decorations for the festive season


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