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Abs Definition After 3 Kids

Pamela, Rotkreuz

How is it possible that you have abs definition after three pregnancies? Didn't that ruin your belly, and how do you keep in shape now? We do see some models bouncing back at amazing speed, but real people in real life are a bit different.

Beatrice Lessi

Here are the good news: you have control over your abdominal muscles (you have much less control of your face muscles or breasts for example), so you can really improve them. The bad news? You need to work at it. But as you can see, one can reach real results: I am a normal person with a real life and don’t spend my life in the gym at all.

So how did I do it, and how do I keep it?

The “Medicine Or Abs” Rule

After three pregnancies in three years, I suffered from severe back pain. I tried massage, hot stones, acupuncture, you name it. Nothing worked. Finally I went to the doctor. I was lucky, because he was initially very blunt, but then gave me the right tip to solve my problem.

There are two ways to eliminate your pain. You can either swallow a painkiller three times a day – morning, lunch and dinner – or do three series of  thirty abs – morning, lunch and dinner. That way you do almost a hundred abs a day without realising it , reinforce your chore and solve the problem. Which one do you choose? He asked me.

I thought the guy was crazy but gave it a try. Less than a month after, the back pain had gone, and my abs started to get definition too! This was a bonus I didn’t calculate – I had never had such a defined shape and looked better than before the pregnancies. Yes, you read it well: better. Because I certainly didn’t train my abs every day, before.

Realistic Maintainance

I still try to follow the same rule: train every day, close to 100 repetitions. Sometimes I do them all together, sometimes (if I feel lazy or don’t have time) morning and evening, so I really exercise just two minutes. Of course I don’t always manage to keep this routine up. But if I aim at training every day, for sure I train 4 times or so. If I aim at 3 times a week, I might end up exercising once a week  only – and that wouldn’t be enough for a sculpted look.

I also try to avoid boredom, so I change exercises by watching videos, using apps, reading social media of sport people I like, where they show some moves, or by buying a book from time to time. The important thing is to train lateral, lower and higher abdominals; not just to repeat the same crunches forever.

I am talking about 10 minutes per day. Not more. Give it a try and you’ll see the difference.


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It’s good to feel at ease in your body


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