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The Green Trend

Lucy, Zurich

After the Friday strikes, Greta and all the recent talks about the environment, do you find that fashion is also reflecting the new trends?

Beatrice Lessi

To be honest there is a lot going on (in theory), but people still fly everywhere like crazy, not considering the amount of pollution they are creating. Me included. I am discussing this with my daughters and decided that realistically we can’t change drastically, but we are starting to do road trips as well.

Apart from my personal experience, a lot is changing. For what happens in the fashion world, you can have a good idea of what’s happening by following Livia Firth.

And now let’s talk about outfits. Fashion Month has just started, but we have already seen, in New York, that green is definitely trending, as a colour, as a concept, as a decoration.

Below, a gallery of some of the best examples.

Brandon Maxwell. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Brandon Maxwell. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Sies Marjan. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Carolina Herrera. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Prabal Gurung. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Kith. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Prabal Gurung. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Kate Spade. Photo: vogue.co.uk


Photo: vogue.co.uk

Ganni. Photo: vogue.co.uk