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Heart Of Florence

Beatrice Lessi

The Secret of Tuscany

Every Summer I spend about a month in Tuscany, mostly on the seaside. And every year I do a city break to my beloved Florence –  where I have my secret accomodation right in the middle of everything: VISIONAPARTMENTS.

Everything At Walking Distance

I love the luxury of walking to the places I want to visit and photograph. I have already stayed with Vision Apartments in different cities in the world, because their speciality is the perfect central location.  For Florence I chose a lovely flat one minute from  Ponte Vecchio  and Uffizi Gallery. Marion, my girlfriend who joined me for the trip, had to drive through the old city, where normally cars are not allowed. It  was so packed with people! But we lived there and had become almost locals, so she quickly became better than a Tuscan driver.

Old And New

When we arrived at our new address we were greeted by a big, heavy, wooden door in an old Palazzo. I was delighted to discover that the decor inside was fresh and modern, even though the thick walls and wooden ceiling revealed the history of the place. But the best surprise was when we opened the window: the view over the roofs and Palazzo Vecchio itself was…so Florence! We heard some live music outside and a light chit chatting. We left our luggage in and off we went – to discover the city.

Dolce Vita

Yes, la dolce vita still exists, if you are in such a location and have time to explore the city. We went window shopping, over-the-bridge flying, Italian aperitivo tasting and of course Michelangelo watching. During the process we chatted up carabinieri, locals, tourists, and some of the staff of V Apartments: they organise tickets and book tourist attractions, or they simply tell you what restaurant and club is trending at the moment. And you will be surprised about the price – check it out on the  VISIONAPARTMENTS website.

A delightful experience to repeat again: Florence, I’ll be back!

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